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Month: February 2017

Understanding The Type Of Exercise Pants Men Should Wear According To Their Body Type!

Why the fit matters? One of the biggest problems that men face when it comes to dressing them up is the confusion regarding what exactly their body type is! Like every female has a designated body type, every man too falls under a particular body type which separates them from each other. As confus...

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What Is Proper Attire For Going To The Gym?

The general rule of thumb is you should wear gym outfits in which you're fully relaxed and comfortable. And perhaps for that reason, it is always recommended to never try and copy others. What might be okay and comfortable for her, him and them, might not be the right choice for you. (more…)...

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What to Wear when Going for a Run? Conventionality for the Win

Okay ladies, think practically. Why do you run? Is it for the thrill? Does it uplift your mood? Is it because you want to be in sync with the fitness bandwagon? Whatever may the reason be, you must be aware of this that wrong gym clothes can end up in a disaster. Being obsessed with how you look is...

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What Should Men Wear During Workout In Gym?

A casual t-shirt and jogger is an ideal pairing that most men wear to the gym. However, there are many things that you should consider if you're confused on what you should wear to the gym, instead of focusing what others are sporting. Remember, your comfort needs are different than others' -- and s...

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3 Must Have Gym Gear For Women That Can Be Used Outside The Gym!

We have spent enough time sabotaging our fitness schedules. But with this recent craze of being fit and healthy, it has become an obsession of people to take up some form of sports and hit it out completely. And this means that we need to keep up with the latest trends of clothes and gears which are...

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