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Month: June 2019

The Hottest Leggings Trends For 2019

The popularity of leggings have been bolstered by their use by some of the most popular celebrities and style icons of times including the likes of Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid, who have made mastered the art of wearing leggings and making casual look chic. For 2019, the micro trends are set to rec...

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Sportswear Trends That Retailers Need To Look Out For This Year

Activewear tends to go through a series of transformation and changes just like couture clothing. Therefore, 2019 has nonetheless been an iconic year for the fitness fashion scene. Manufacturers of wholesale sportswear has come up with a unique clothing collection you cannot afford to miss. (more&he...

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3 Tips To Keep In Mind If You Want To Avoid Bad Wholesaler Choices

If you are a new retail store owner, then avoiding bad wholesaler choices is very important to your success. It is well supported that the manufacturer and wholesaler is the backbone of any retail store. In this blog, we are going to take a look at how you can successfully dodge these shady dealers...

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How To Find The Best Sports Bra For Yourself?

Find the correct for of sports bra for your workout can be a tricky issue. It's almost like climbing a mountain for hours expect for the grit to do so. It's partly because one type of sports bra fits everybody philosophy does not work for everyone else. You can find different types of sports bras in...

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