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Month: April 2018

5 Secrets About Athletic Clothes That Manufacturers Won’t Tell You!

The top athletic apparel manufacturers have redefined fitness wear like never before and the reason is their trade secrets that these companies don't like to share with anyone. But this blog reveals the inside scoop of top sportswear manufacturing companies and what separates their garments from the...

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Revisiting The Athleisure Trend In 2018 For Private Label Owners

The term athleisure was added to Merriam Webster in 2016, and is defined as 'casual clothing like yoga pants and hoodies that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing everything else.' (more…)...

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5 Fitness Clothing Mistakes That Men Need To Stop Making Immediately

There is no written guideline on what to wear to the gym, however, you are expected to maintain a certain clothing decorum- not for others but for yourself. Okay, a little for the others, but mostly for yourself. Men tend to make some extremely layman mistakes when it comes to wearing and picking gy...

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A Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Ideal Sports Bra: Read On!

The first question that needs to be answered is, why do you need a sports bra at all? What is wrong with wearing the regular bra to a workout session? (more…)...

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Wear A Tank Tops Outside The Gym – 5 Ensembles For Reference

Tank tops have become a staple in the gym. And why not? They offer a plethora of functional qualities which really help boost the performance. However, many times, we ignore the versatile approach of a tank top, limiting their vast use only to the gym. But now it’s high time we break through this ...

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3 Ways Private Label Clothing Retailers Can Create Awareness

Private label retailers have grown significantly in numbers over the last few years. As a business model, private label is a successful one with high perspectives for the retailers. However, to ensure that the brand gets noticed by the customers, which is one of the main goals of any private label b...

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5 Chic Ways To Wear Sports Bra Outside The Gym

A sports bra has elevated its status in the fitness-fashion industry over the last few years. The functional abilities combined with stylish designs make them a trustworthy piece. However, often times people have reacted to how indecent it looks outside the gym. But enthusiasts have pointed out that...

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