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How To Clean Sportswear: A Care Guide

activewear cleaning guide

We’re sure you want to maintain the gear you got from sportswear companies in Canada, looking new for as long as possible. You may accomplish this by taking better care of them and cleaning them correctly.

To assist you in taking better care of your cherished gym clothing, we have included step-by-step instructions on washing your sportswear. If you have stinky gym clothes full of armpit stains and sweat, simply follow the methods below to get excellent clean and fresh-smelling clothing!

Allow Your Sweaty Gear To Dry Before Washing

When you’re done with your sportswear, hang it somewhere to dry. This will simplify cleaning because your gym bag and laundry basket are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, and you don’t want bacteria on your sportswear.

When Your Sportswear Is Dry, Wash It Inside Out In Your Washing Machine

Sweat and grime are mainly located on the inside of your athletic clothing. Turning the garment inside out allows you to more efficiently wash away perspiration and odor-causing germs.

Wash Your Sportswear In The Same Washing Machine As Your Other Clothes

Putting garments of various fabrics in the washing machine with your training gear might cause damage to your sportswear. Washing sportswear with ‘heavy’ materials might generate friction during the spin cycle on lighter-weight sportswear.

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Coldwater Should Be Used To Wash Your Sportswear

The material in your sportswear does not respond well to heat since it causes the material’s flexibility to break down and the pigment to fade. 30 °C is the optimal temperature for washing sportswear.

Use No Bleach Or Fabric Softener Or Bleach

Bleach and fabric softener include chemical compounds that can degrade the sweat-wicking qualities of your sportswear and alter the color of the material.

Allow Your Clothing To Air Dry Instead Of Using A Dryer

As previously stated, excessive heat and sporty cloth are not a good mix. Allow your clothes to air dry on a rack. This will keep them fresher for longer and prevent shrinking.

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Keep An Eye Out For The Care Label

Along with these suggestions, always refer to the care label and follow the directions on it.

If you plan to offer custom stringer tank tops and other sportswear to your customers, business owners and retailers source products from reliable manufacturers. Sell sportswear with care instructions for longevity. You can also request unique labels if you are sourcing products from private label activewear manufacturers.

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