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4 Types Of Gym Exercises That Need You To Wear Top Quality Workout Clothes

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People are taking over the world with their zeal to become a better version of themselves and working really hard to make sure that their bodies reflect that. However, making a body that will be the envy of others is not as easy as one would think it to be and there is a lot hard work and complicated exercises that make all of it possible.

These exercises require complex movements and to perform them without any case of embarrassment in the gym space, retailers must buy wholesale fitness apparel from top manufacturers, so that their customers can work out with their self-respect intact. So, if you are gym enthusiast, fitness freak, or gym apparel retailer, then this blog is for you. It talks about the 4 kinds of exercises that must be done only if one is sure about the quality of their clothes! Let’s take a look –

1. The Low Cable Hip Extension

This one is a little complicated and involves the person to set the cable pulley really low and then extend the leg backwards from the hip, with resistance, thus contracting the glute muscles. One of the prime reasons why this exercise needs quality clothes is because a lot of low grade material workout clothes can get really weak at the seams and thus come off, leaving everyone in utter embarrassment. However, if the pants are unibody with 4 ways stretch fabric, then the matter becomes an entirely different story and there is no problem at all while performing it!

2. Squats

Simple, basic, and essential, squats are very important for lower body development and strength progression; but for one to avoid any sort of tear embarrassment while performing squats, one should always wear top quality gym clothes. Also, to perform the squat to “ass to the grass” perfection, the material and fit of the apparel should be very comfortable and should not make it hard for them to move that deep down with weights on them.

3. Dips or Weighted Dips

Dips or weighted dips require the go down and come up on parallel bars, hitting the deltoids, triceps, chest, and back muscles during contraction. However, the movement gets little complicated during the getting down part and having inflexible material that restricts movements could injure the elbows or the shoulders – both of which take a really long time to rehabilitate. The best way to carry on with this crucial workout is go with sleeveless tanks or high-quality compression wear!

4. Kettle Bell Swings

A real test for gym clothes manufacturers all over the world, the kettlebell swing really takes the trial of the upper and lower body flexibility to ensure that both of the apparels are top quality. Whether it be the explosive hand movements that bring the weight right in front of the face, or the squat that strengthens the lower body, the apparels must have a good degree of flexibility to survive a workout like this and one miss could mean a lot of embarrassment.

These are the kind of exercises that demand the best quality wholesale workout apparel to make sure that you or your customers (that is if you are a sports and gym clothing retailer), never face an embarrassing situation at the gym – ever!


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