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How The Chinese Athleisure Trend Is Driving The Fitness Fashion Industry?

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The recent studies of the fitness fashion industry have revealed that the impact of China on the market has been massive. This has been mainly attributed to the trend of wearing fitness clothes outside the gym. The Chinese consumers are spending a considerable amount of money in buying the latest fitness clothes that retort to the casual vibes as well. Though experts may argue that the trend is alike in the rest of the world; with the highest population on the planet, it is no surprise that the impact of China worldwide is commendable. Let us look at what influenced China to take the baton of athleisure in the recent years and how it can change the face of the fitness-fashion industry.

The primary motivation for the growth there has been…

In the recent years, the need to get fit and healthy has been a driving factor for many. This has compelled people to take the gym at large. As the numbers in the fitness bandwagon grow, the need for good athletic apparels also sees a surge. In China, people take working out as an all-out event. They need the right wear and gear to get it going and will not settle for anything less. Hence, crafting clothes that not only meet the gym requirement (read comfortable) but are stylish as well has been a basic obligation. The athleisure trend has gone viral in China, influencing wholesale gym clothing manufacturers to design garments that satiate the need for the right clothes.

As mentioned, Chinese men and women love wearing their fitness clothes outside the gym. The sartorial expedition has been driven by incorporating comfortable gym clothes with trendy colors and textures, the ones which stand out on their own. However, the biggest motivation for fitness clothing manufacturers China-based has been the different body types of the people and the climate. To appease the Chinese consumers, these factors needed to be taken into consideration.

In China, the climate varies from region to region since the country is spread over a large area. In the northeast areas, the summers are dry and hot, and winters freezing cold. The southeast region gets a plenty of rainfall, has cool summers and moderate winters. With such a variation, the clothes had to be crafted to meet the requirement for each region. Blending technical fabrics like cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon has resulted in designing clothes that are all for ease and luxury. Functional qualities like easy to wear, breathable, moisture wicking, stretchable and warm get met, thanks to the use of different fabrics. Slim fit clothes that highlight the silhouette has been another adaption of the Chinese athleisure trend, further influencing the world to move over the relaxed wears and go for body enhancing wears.

Future Predictions

The growth in the Chinese sportswear industry has been extremely massive for it threatens to take over the luxury goods markets by 2020. With numbers that are staggering, big brands have already made an impact in the market, carving the way for smaller brands to take over. Working out is now less of an event, but more of a lifestyle.

The most commonly demanded clothes include- sports bras, leggings, tracksuits, tank tops, jackets, and joggers. The market for these particular pieces is expected to become bigger by 2018 as new players participate at large in the cut-throat competition.

The smaller gym clothes manufacturer China-based will keep growing for they offer quality clothes at a reasonable price. Wearable technology is also growing at a fast rate. Embracing technical fabrics and smart designs will further aid the growth of the Chinese fitness market in the world.

The depth of the fitness-fashion industry in China is too much to fathom. But the direction of its movement has been only forward. There seems to be no stopping to the growth in China. Even as the rest of the world is quickly moving past the athleisure trend, China promises to hold the baton, ensuring that the trend can carry on without many bumps.


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