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For Beginners – How To Run For 45+ Minutes Straight – 5 Tricks From Pros

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So last week you started hitting your local park to run early in the morning everyday. Forward, what looked quite easy is now looking like a back breaker.

Running – at least when you’re looking to get in shape and bring out the healthier version of you – is much more than just running. To run longer and to achieve better outcome, you need to be tactical in how you do things.

Here are 5 tricks from the pros, for the beginners, to run for straight 45+ minutes easily-

1. Take Baby Steps

As ambitions and interesting the task-at-hand is for the beginners to run straight 45+minutes, it’s difficult, at least at the beginning, and in particular for those who aren’t really known for their top-notch health. So you need to start small and slow; take baby steps. Start walking for 30 minutes. And then, over the course, add 1-to-2 minute running intervals. As you go, add to your target until you reach your goals.

2. Invest in Best Running or Gym Clothes

This goes on without saying that you need to invest in premium quality and cute gym clothes (cute because you would definitely want to look good, duh!!). So look around for the right and renowned online store and purchase on running or gym clothes sales the gears that offer you maximum comfort and enhance your performance.

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3. Eat Right Before Running

It is important to eat right throughout. But what you eat before running is an even more important question. Skip large meals; if you do eat big, wait at least three to four hours before hitting the track. Generally, have something light two hours before and keep yourself hydrated. Have some energy bars, bananas, oatmeal, wheat bagels and yogurt; they all strike the perfect balance of nutritional intakes.

4. Get The Best Shoes

No, your regular pair of shoes won’t work here. You need something better, more comfortable, that supports your feet more efficiently and improves your performance. From the size to high quality insoles to material to the heels, you need to consider everything when buying the right running shoes.

5. Listen To Motivating Songs

Songs do more than just entertain you when you’re bored. The right tunes can push you beyond your comfort level and help you reach your goals easily. So listen to the right kind of motivating and psychedelic songs when running.


6. Have A Running Partner

You might like running alone, with your thoughts, and EDM pumping your heart hard. But there’s a benefit in running with someone by you. The whole duration becomes much fun and if either of you are competitive, you would in fact perform much better than you would alone.

These are 6 tactics from the pros for the beginners to run for 45+ minutes straight. So if you’ve just started hitting the track or gym, bring out the best in you easily and quickly. Good Luck!!!

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