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13 Workout Sets That Are Making A Buzz Currently

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To have a killer body shape, great physical and mental health, and increased lifespan, today, most people worldwide are into fitness. Regular exercise or working out is a must.

However, despite having the perfect fitness routine and great workout facilities at the gym, many people are unable to get the most out of their performance. Are you one of them? Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind it?

It can be because of your workout clothes! Yes, you heard that right. It might be that you are ignoring the obvious or just feeling reluctant to put that next foot forward. Whether it is a pop of colors, sassiest skin show while working out speaking loud about an inch of improvement moving towards your fitness goals- well, you are going in the right direction!

What you may not realize is that going for the wrong pair hardly helps you with exercising. Moreover, if yours is a morning fitness routine, then it’s likely that you don’t spend much time or put effort into creating a gym outfit. Well, why bother in the first place when you can go for the easy way?

Heard about the workout sets? They are in high demand nowadays. Doesn’t matter at what time of the day you are exercising you can smoothly throw on a workout set and have great gym sessions. Also, with a matching set, your put together look will work like magic helping you to break into a sweat in style.

Who says that while training hard you can’t be at your fashionable best? Colors, cuts, and prints that look great on you and a flattering fit can offer you that extra bit of motivation which can help you conquer the biggest workout challenges thrown your way. While an all-black outfit symbolizes sheer willpower, matching pastel sets can talk about your happy, cheerful personality.

Grabbing a workout set that compliments your exercise style is key to getting the most out of your sessions. Do you need a sweat-wicking material to keep you dry throughout those hardcore high-intensity interval training sessions? Want a set with sturdy, durable leggings for cardio? Or, need a matching pair that speaks volumes about comfort for yoga?

Here are some of the most popular workout sets for you. Take a look.

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Simple Black Sports Bra And High-waisted Leggings

If you are a simple person who hates complications in life and gets irritated by too many details, this workout set is meant for you. It comprises a plain sports bra and high-waisted snug-fit leggings. While the mid-length, ultra-comfortable, medium-support sports bra won’t cut into your skin, it won’t leave your assets spilling out from here and there as well. The high-waisted leggings are fade-resistant and squat-proof. No matter how many times you wash them, the color will remain as it is and the squats won’t make them go all ‘sheer and tear’. This set is perfect for HIIT and weight training.

Camo Printed Slip-on Sports Bra And High-waisted Leggings

When you wish to try something that is totally out of the box, you can consider this co-ord set. Featuring a camo print on a black base, these pieces do a great job of elevating your look. The slip-on sports bra comes with removable cups, offering effortless support and comfort and the leggings feature an anti-slip waistband that keeps everything in place as you bend, stretch, and jump. The best part? You can use this set for low and high-impact workout activities alike! These are multifunctional and you can also use them for outdoor activities and sports, even for lounging.

Shiny Black Sports Bra And 7/8th Mid-rise Leggings

Even if you aren’t a very fussy person and can do with separates, you still can’t ignore this shiny black sports bra and 7/8th mid-rise leggings. Whether you are going cycling or need to grab a few things from the nearby convenience store, you will feel like a ‘cool vamp’, or like the Catwoman! Crafted out of a nylon-Lycra-satin blend, it offers just enough compression to keep things in check without coming off as something too tight or unbearable. Throwing the set on, you won’t have to readjust or pull the pieces up or down during a ride or yoga. After all, constantly fixing your clothes can be such a huge headache, especially when working out.

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3-piece Workout Set With Ribbing Details

Is it like you would need a 3-piece workout set? Well, in that case, you can put your faith in this one. It consists of a fitness bra, shorts, and leggings. The entire set is feather-light and buttery soft. They don’t have a tight compression feeling and feature ribbing details, therefore being totally comfortable on your skin. Whether you are into light jogging or step aerobics, you won’t be able to resist yourself to repeat such an outfit day after day! The biggest plus about it is that as it is constructed out of a thick material and comes in 3 pieces, it’s simply great when you are slowly moving towards winter.

Super Soft Mauve Sports Bra And Shorts

Want something that will be perfect for both yoga as well as lounging? Throw on a super soft mauve sports bra and shorts. Engineered out of a 4-way stretch material, it promotes both softness and compression. It will be gentle on your skin and practical in use as well. While the breathability of the material will help you stay dry and cool all day, the thickness of the fabric will keep the set from tearing up easily. So, now wearing them, you can go for the downward dog pose with ease minus any stress from the pieces embarrassing you in front of many. Bonus— the beautiful style also helps you chill out on a lazy day.

Maroon Racerback Sports Bra And Biker Shorts

If you have always secretly wished to look hot and desirable while working out, this set can help. While the maroon color symbolizes depth and passion with its intensity, the racerback style of the sports bra and the tight-fit biker shorts just add to it. The set is fabricated from a sports-specific fast-dry material and wicks sweat and releases dryness. Additionally, it contours your curves and streamlines your body shape. Throwing on such a set, you can use it for a wide number of exercises. Be it strength training and HIIT training or hiking in the mountains, using these pieces will surely make your day.

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Pitch-black Sports Bra And Leggings

This workout set is for all those women who like to have a pop of color in their neutral fitness outfits. The sports bra comes in a pitch-black shade and the leggings display a single stripe of neon green on the calf with the rest being in a matching black color. Made from a reflective compression fabric, it can keep you visible and safe (if you are the type who loves exercising at night). To keep your emergency cash and keys in place, the legging also comes with pockets. This set is ideal to be used for night running, particularly in low light. The sports bra also comes with a pocket behind its back in which you can keep even the biggest phone.

Honey-orange Eco-friendly Sports Bra And Leggings

Do you always fail to keep up with the jumping jacks, jump rope, star jump, and other forms of HIIT exercises? Now is your chance to grab this workout set. While the leggings come with a highly supportive elastic waistband, the sports bra keeps your breasts from bouncing and jiggling. No matter what you do, you will never feel disappointed with yourself after a session. Also, since the set is crafted from recycled and natural materials, it’s skin-friendly, durable, and comfortable. As you wear it and exercise, you take care of yourself as well as the planet. And, the honey orange color can give you a pretty look.

Olive-green Sports Bra And Shorts

A matching olive-green sports bra and shorts set is exactly what you need if you are heading to your Pilates class or dance cardio. Showing a considerable length, the medium-impact sports bra is in fact ideal for such activities. And, when you wear it with the high-waisted shorts, you get a complete look, that is most fashionable. In addition, as this set is made from a moisture-wicking material, you get the assurance that you won’t be sweating like crazy by the end of a session. If it’s dancing cardio, this set is definitely going to help you improve your strength within a few weeks and if it’s Pilates, it will greatly aid in fixing your posture and balance.

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Black U-neck Sports Bra And 7/8th Mid-rise Leggings

Do you love running to the point that you take part in marathons often? Or, are you into weight training? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this black U-neck sports bra and 7/8th mid-rise leggings will be great for you. They will help to improve your performance. The sports bra will make you feel extremely supported— supported not burdened. The straps won’t feel too tight or dig into your skin. The leggings, on the other hand, will offer optimal support without feeling too tight around your waist. Also, they won’t slip down as you run or lift weight. As far as fashion is concerned, the U-neck of the bra lets you be flirty on days when you choose to wear the set.

Black Elongated Sports Bra Top And Snug-fit Leggings

Whether it’s cycling, lunges, or circuit training, for any kind of low-impact exercise, this black elongated sports bra top and snug-fit leggings set is just ideal. Putting on these pieces, you can reach your fitness goals in style. While the cutting will allow you to celebrate the 90s fashion once again, the smooth fabric will help you remain comfortable throughout the exercise. The material also promises the best durability. So, if you don’t like to go buy clothes after every 3 months, this is the workout set you should be investing in. Clean lines and a sorted look make it even better.
Navy blue strappy bra top and ultra-warm leggings
‘’No matter how much I am into fitness, winter is such a time, when I just don’t want to move an inch from my home’’— are you thinking something like this? Well, you will feel active and motivated as soon as you throw on this navy-blue set, which consists of a strappy bra top and a pair of ultra-warm leggings. Be it a high, medium, or low-impact workout that you are indulged in, the sweat-wicking, supportive, cozy, and compressive material won’t let you feel lethargic. When the temperature drops, all you need is a fitness jacket to add to the warmth.

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Brown Full-sleeve Top And Athletic Shorts

From sprints to covering an ultra-marathon, a brown full-sleeve top and athletic shorts can make things easier for you. Coming in a regular fit and made out of a stretchable, comfortable, and breathable fabric, the top will make sure that you remain sweat-free as you run, and the athletic shorts with its relaxed-fit design will provide you with a full range of motion. Also, the color brown symbolizing resilience will go perfectly with the activity. So, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned runner, with such advantages, covering miles will be easy-breezy for you. What? You don’t believe it? Grab the set and note the difference!

To upgrade your fitness fashion, you can always accessorize your looks with fitness tracker watches, active belts, gloves, tall socks, wrist and headbands. Also, before starting to work out, tie your hair in a messy bun or a ponytail (if you have long hair). In this way, you won’t be distracted handling them while exercising. As for footwear, fitness trainers suit most of the workout activities. Carrying a water bottle and gym towel is a must!


By taking your picks from the above-mentioned workout sets, you can kill it no matter which activity you are engaged in!

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