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Ways To Help You Stay Safe At The Gym

how to stay safe at the gym

Since gyms have been closed, we have all been stuck with doing home workouts, long hikes, and walks with the dog to keep our activity levels up. After a long wait, we are all looking forward to getting back in the gym and back to our old routines, however, this does come with some concerns. Here are a few examples of how gyms can offer a safe space for exercising to calm anxious minds.

Make A Booking

What many gyms might be doing when they re-open is limiting their capacity at any one point by requiring people to book their session ahead of time. This way you can be sure that you won’t be hit by a sea of sweaty people as you enter the building for an exercise session and can always find the equipment that you need. The only downside is that you will also be limited to the maximum amount of time that you can spend there. However, this might help with motivation as you can dedicate yourself to a certain time on a particular day of your choosing to exercise.

Sanitize The Equipment

There may be attendants in and around the building doing this for you in between sessions, although if you wanted to be extra certain that the equipment you are about to use is germ-free, then it won’t hurt to sanitize it yourself too. This can also be done once you leave the equipment as a kind gesture to your fellow gym-goers and again as you leave the building to prevent bringing any bacteria into your home.

Respect The Sneeze Guard

Around the reception desk, you might notice a clear plexiglass screen, such as those seen at sneezeguardez.com, which will form a barrier to protect one another from respiratory droplets as ask questions or book another session. Ensure that you respect this screen and stand back from staff and other customers when waiting for assistance.

Skip Your Indoor Group Fitness Class

Since the air in a fitness classroom is moist and fairly warm with a turbulent flow, generated by intense physical movements, it is a great breeding ground for airborne virus particles, as the transmission of isolated droplets is much denser. This makes it a good idea to skip the indoor fitness classes for now and continue attending them online until you know that it is much safer to share the same space with a large group of people inside.

Now that you are aware of the ways to prevent the spread of virus’ in a gym environment, you will be better able to protect yourself and look forward to getting back to your normal exercise routine sooner. If jumping straight back into the gym environment is still not on the agenda for you until you then there is always swimming to have a go at, since there is no evidence that the virus can spread through pool water or natural bodies of water, just still be sure to sanitize and keep your distance from people when walking around.

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