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Trending Spring/Summer Gym Clothing Colors for 2024

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No more are those days when fitness clothing merely meant form-fitting tops and pants. Today, it’s a style statement in itself, a reflection of your fashion and personality.

In a world of the millennials and Gen-Zs, every year styles are changing, fashion is changing, and so are the spring/summer gym clothing trends. 2024 is the year of both the essentials and never-heard-before fitness trends.

  • The ones that have always stayed in the fitness fashion scene including the relaxed-fit joggers, tank tops with built-in bras, and high-waisted leggings are not going anywhere.
  • Details such as sexy mesh panels here and there and multiple pockets keep on blowing the minds of fitness freaks.
  • Coord sets have already started to leave a mark everywhere as both the commoners and celebs continue to buy them in huge numbers from trusted gym apparel manufacturers.
  • Cropped fleece jackets and cargo joggers are slowly rising in popularity.

Products are being designed in such a way that portrays a calm and soothing side of technology with airy lightness and soft, translucent layering. Graphics show a dreamlike, diffused quality.

Materials are more unique than ever in 2024. Sustainable fibers, compression fabrics, and sweat-wicking blends are dominating. The purpose of using such materials in the construction of gym clothing pieces is to ensure that you stay dry, comfortable, and eco-conscious during your workouts.

Color fades and gradients are key.

Now that you know which pieces people are getting hooked on in terms of wearing and hitting the gym, let’s talk about the color palette which is the most crucial thing when spring/summer gym clothing trends are being discussed.

It can be divided into three major variations:

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Neon Hues

Neon colors are very big for spring/summer 2024. One of the main reasons they have regained their popularity is their capability to make a powerful statement. They can offer a bold and fearless touch to any gym ensemble. For spring/summer, these colors will dominate:

Striking Yellow: Striking yellow is a color that is commonly associated with energy and warmth. Now imagine this on a cut-out tank top. Yes! It’s beyond cool.

Splashy Green: This down-to-earth color represents new growth and beginnings. And, when you combine it with a form-fitting fitness tee, you get a refreshing look.

Electric Blue: It effectively communicates excitement, action, and energy. Settling for it in the form of high-waisted leggings can offer you the ultimate support and motivation while giving off some chic vibes.

Blazing Orange: This attention-grabbing color is all hot and fire. When you think of it in the form of a short-sleeve performance tee, it makes the temperature hotter and enhances your performance even more.

Atomic Tangerine: Though close to the orange color, this shade is linked with activity, cheerfulness, and energy. Going for it through snug-fit gym shorts can motivate you even more to rock even the toughest workout session.

Hot Pink: It’s attached to a rebellious and aggressive sentiment. Sporting it via a tracksuit can give you a bold look and fuel your passion to remain in shape forever.

Proton Purple: Symbolizing originality and ingenuity, this color can offer you an eye-catching appearance. How about a proton purple fitness jacket?
For the brave hearts out there, who love to sweat it out and stand out in style, neons are the way to go for working out during spring and summer. The mentioned colors will be very much a part of the spring/summer gym scene.

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Peach Fuzz Derivatives

The fashion industry’s inclination to go for red, pink, green, and yellow from the typical spring color palette has always been there and it will remain so. However, as you might know already, peach fuzz is the Pantone color of 2024 and many derivatives of this peach fuzz hue are ticking the right box when it comes to color choices for spring/summer fitness clothing or gym clothes in 2024.

Here is the list. Let’s take a look:

Vibrant Orange: Conveying excitement, warmth, and enthusiasm, it helps you to go on and on, no matter how hard the training is. A vibrant orange compressed tee can work wonders. Try it!

Rosy Shell Pink: This color symbolizes innocence, purity, and femininity. You can look beyond cute as you do some push-ups in a workout set.

Powder Pink: The very mix between white’s purity and red’s passion, this color evokes feelings of hope and comfort. A powder pink long-sleeve gym top can give you a calm and serene appearance while you do some weight training.

Coral: A symbol of happiness, modesty, and wisdom, coral hues can help you to keep looking pretty even when you are sweating hard. What? You don’t believe it? Grab a pair of coral-colored leggings today!

Apricot: Apricot symbolizes happiness and passion. You can show your passion for your fitness regime by getting gym shorts in this color.

Light Peach: Indicating charm and freshness, you can make those around you stare in awe even as you engage in some sweaty exercise sessions. The best fitness clothing piece suggestion over here is a pair of flared gym pants.

Dark Peach: Bright yet soft at the same time, it radiates energy and warmth. Do make the most of it by going for it in the form of a gym camisole.

So, if you want to make your gym wardrobe trendy and in sync with the Pantone color of the year, the above-mentioned shades are what you need to opt for. In addition, when you go for such peach fuzz derivatives as a part of your spring/summer gym clothes, you not only stay on trend but such eye-soothing shades also cheer you up whenever you start feeling exhausted during your workout sessions.

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Cool Classy Favorites

If you are someone who doesn’t want to have a typical spring/summer wardrobe yet remain in the trend chart, these are the colors that you can consider:

Icy Blue: Known for its calming and cooling effects, it can give you a soothing feel while you burn some calories. A pair of trendy icy-blue fitness joggers is a must-have. This dreamy blue hue is everywhere since the runaway shows in 2023.

Blush Pink: This color largely symbolizes success and happiness. So, when you embrace it in the form of a voguish tank top, you get both in your training sessions no matter what. Since the movie Barbie gained unimaginable heights of success, varieties of pink are here to stay!

Mint Green: Associated with creativity, growth, and freshness, mint green helps you to slowly and steadily move toward your fitness goals. Try this one in the form of a short-sleeve gym top.

Light Beige: Symbolizing warmth, comfort, and softness, this particular hue when worn in the form of a matching workout set, can keep you cool and comfortable even when you are working hard. It’s a pretty soft color.

Staple Gray: This earthy hue conveys a sense of strong connection and calming confidence. If you are someone with a quiet personality, this color will suit you. A coord set will work great. It dominated the fall of 2023 and will continue to rule along with the other shades in spring summer 2024.

Luscious Lilac: Representing freedom and flexibility, this shade can look amazing on a classic-fit gym tee. It can give you the inner strength to work harder. The designer labels are flaunting the rich look of this hue like never before!

Cyber Lime: This unique and cool color symbolizes limitless energy. Wearing it as cargo joggers can help you achieve the best outcome. This is one of the top colors dominating the digital world and the fashion space alike.

Porcelain White: When it is summer, you cannot get enough of white and this time this cool white hue is going to create a loud buzz. So, if you are choosing white to stack your summer gym wardrobe, it is a fashionable practical choice that you will be making!

If you prefer being on the minimalist side, follow this pastel palette, or go for trending colors that are not very bright and vibrant, but will help you make a statement. These dreamy, mute colors also blend well with the Quiet Luxury trend. It’s even better if you are already a fan of ‘stealth wealth’.

Choose Different Shades of Red

Red is a color that has been trending since late 2023 and has been ruling the red carpet for almost every award show in 2024 as well. Celebs have also been found going head-to-toe in red for various other events. If you are a massive fan of this hue and want to include it in your fitness wardrobe, you can freely do so. When the shade can be a part of different grand occasions, it can also be a part of your gym outfits!

The three red shades that are making heads turn right now are cherry red, cranberry red, and carmine red. And, opting for these shades, your love for the workout sessions will increase, your happy hormones will dance, and you will be all pumped up to break a sweat in style. Therefore, go ahead and achieve your fitness goals with panache!
So, now that you know all about the special spring/summer gym apparel colors of this year, pick them as per your taste and fitness needs, and get ready to rock your workout routine!

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