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Top 6 Sexiest Fitness Clothes For Women

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Gone are the days when fitness clothing meant just functional pieces in basic designs for workouts. With gym clothing manufacturers now working hard every day, following the latest international trends, and understanding the needs of health-conscious divas to look and feel great, fitness wear has received a jaw-dropping makeover. Now, workout clothing items aren’t just practical but they make you look sexy every day while exercising. They help you show off your oh-so-delicious curves when you are sweating out.

If you want to know which are the hottest ladies’ fitness clothes that can set the gym on fire and make people around you give you appreciative glances, here is the list that you need to check out:

Asymmetric Sports Bras

Smooth, sculpting, and coming in different designs and cuts, the head-turning asymmetric sports bras are like the very symbol of a sexy fitness fashion. By wearing them, you can look charismatic, glamorous, and attractive. They enhance your breasts effortlessly and offer the perfect balance between style and comfort. Often coming in a flattering one-shoulder fit, they help you move freely with zero restriction and give you plenty of support. These days, some brands are also offering them in futuristic designs. To create a smoking-hot gym look, pair one with sexy sheer mesh workout leggings and tie your hair in a braid style.

Booty Shorts

There are plenty of guys who think booty shorts are the hottest women’s fitness bottoms. The reason? They are specifically designed to accentuate your butt and those killer thighs which you gain while exercising every day. And, as you might know already, one of the top ways to enhance your sex appeal is to showcase your best assets. Other than hugging your booty and thighs in a tight embrace, they also offer an admiring high-waisted fit. They are best suitable for low-impact activities and when you want to make a chic style statement outside the gym. A cropped fitness top along with it will make you look simply drool-worthy.

Long Sleeve Bodysuits

As they are body-hugging and often feature mesh, net, and lace details, they offer you a seductive appearance when exercising. Other than having long sleeves, the sexiest pieces come in plunging necklines and cut-outs. Some even come with built-in shapewear or panels (that are in vogue nowadays). Mostly engineered from ultra-soft, lightweight, and stretchy fabrics, they don’t feel like they are there on your body. Just accessorize lightly with a chain and some studs, and you will be good to go. If you have a clear, smooth, and long neck, do tie your hair up in a ponytail.

High Waist Leggings

Women’s high-waisted leggings are specially designed to support your body in all the right places. When your waist is securely gripped and your quads, glutes, and calves are well-hugged, it not only makes you look hot but helps you feel sexy and confident too. The elastic high-waist and straight legs of these leggings offer you a slender silhouette that outlines your figure and keeps it looking attractive as you burn some calories. The best part is they are versatile and are available in many styles and designs. Team up a pair with an oversized, cropped sweatshirt to achieve an alluring look.

Pleated Tennis Skorts

Raunchy and attractive, the pleated tennis skorts are such a thing these days. Other than giving you added coverage over shorts, the crisp pleats also provide you with a classic preppy look which is a favorite of the off-duty fashionistas. Fabricated from moisture-wicking, breathable materials, they keep you airy and easy-breezy when the temperature outside is just unbearable. While they work well to help you remain cool, they raise the heat for others. Make the hottest appearance in a complementing tank top.

Backless Gym Rompers

The backless gym rompers are made to make your body look hot while working out. They control your tummy and sculpt your body. Constructed from stretchable fabrics, they promote both butt lift and compression. They also support thigh muscles and lessen muscle vibration. With the manufacturers making them flexible, you can also use them for shopping and casual wear. Add cool sneakers and your outfit is complete.

While you might have a few of the above-mentioned pieces in your wardrobe right now, make the necessary additions to rock the fitness fashion scene.

Retailers and business owners wishing to add a touch of flair to your store’s fitness apparel collection, grab these pieces from one of the most well-known gym apparel suppliers. Such a supplier will help take your business to new heights of success, making you a customer’s favorite.

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