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The Unfaltering Popularity And Demand For Sports Bras!

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Specially crafted by fitness clothing manufacturers to provide ample support to breasts during exercise, most women can’t even think about indulging in workout sessions today without wearing a sports bra. These bras do a great job of minimizing breast movement and preventing discomfort. They have come a long way in a short amount of time.

Are you crazy about sports bras? Want to know all about them, i.e. from the very beginning till how they have been a fitness and fashion favorite of many? Keep reading!

Ever wondered how sports bras came into the picture?

The first commercially launched sports bra was the Free Swing Tennis Bra. It was done by Glamorise Foundations, Inc. in the year 1975. It wasn’t marketed and designed for only ladies with smaller busts. Originally, the first exercise bra was known as ‘jockbra’. In 1977, it was introduced by Poly Smith and Lisa Lindahl along with Poly’s assistant, Hinda Miller.

Lindahl and her sister discussed their awful experience of wearing regular bras while working out. They went through issues such as chafing, sore breasts, and runway straps.

Smith’s and Lindahl’s experiment over time helped them to get a better alternative. They came up with the idea of a ‘’jockstrap’’ for supporting women’s assets. Nicknamed as a jockbra and later changed to ‘’jogbra’’, such a bra was bought from Lindahl and her partners in 1990. A famed associate professor further advised firm straps to prevent breasts from bouncing and a wide band for extra support.

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Brandi Chastain, during the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, expressed her joy at the victory by taking off her jersey and falling to her knees. The scene became widely popular as it was the first time a female footballer flaunted her sports bra in an international game. Interesting, isn’t it?

Popular Fabrics Used For Making Sports Bras

Mentioned below are some popular fabrics that are used for constructing these bras:

Known for its elasticity, moisture-wicking ability, and durability, nylon is one of the most common materials. It offers a smooth sensation on the skin and good support. To enhance its performance, fitness apparel makers often use it in combination with other fabrics.

While cotton is not a good material for sports bras, cotton blends are. Used in combination with other materials like spandex, it offers stretch, comfort, and support to the wearer.

Because of its durable nature and sweat-wicking ability, polyester is widely used. To strike a balance between performance and comfort, it’s used in combination with other materials.

Spandex is vital for offering elasticity and maintaining shape. To make sports bras supportive and comfortable, other materials are mixed with spandex.

About Sports Bra Colors

Wish to know which color sports bras to settle for?

Black is one of the most popular colors for sports bras. It’s timeless and goes with almost any other shade. This color is great for those who want to make a bold style statement.

If you are into happy, bright, and cheerful colors, then the options are endless. From oranges to neon pinks to purples to bright greens, you will be surprised at the wide variety available these days.

You can opt for beige, grey, or white if you are into a more muted look. These shades are ideal for those who want to look ultra-fashionable and put-together.

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The Various Kinds Of Sports Bras

RACERBACK SPORTS BRAS- As they lessen shoulder pressure, racerback sports bras are great when you are into activities such as rowing and running.

ENCAPSULATION SPORTS BRAS- Are you sick and tired of the horrifying ‘monobreasts’? Put your trust in the encapsulation sports bras. With a defined cup structure to encapsulate each breast, they not only give a feminine bust shape but maximum support as well.

COMPRESSION SPORTS BRAS- To get maximum support and minimize unwanted breast movement during exercise, you can grab the compression sports bras. It compresses the breast tissue close to the body.

LOW-IMPACT SPORTS BRAS- For activities such as yoga and walking, low-impact sports bras are just perfect. They are so feather-light and comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them.

PADDED SPORTS BRAS- Not really happy with smaller breasts? A quick way to gain a fuller look is through padded sports bras. They will offer you the desired look you need.

FRONT-FASTENING SPORTS BRAS- If you don’t like the back closure ones or if you have recently undergone surgery, you can consider opting for the front-fastening sports bras.

UNDERWIRED SPORTS BRAS- Got bigger breasts which often ends up embarrassing you? Your solution lies in the underwired sports bras!

Advantages Of Wearing Sports Bras While Exercising

There Are Plenty But The Prime Benefits Are:

A sports bra comes with the ability to eliminate discomfort. Many ladies, especially those with larger breast sizes, find it uncomfortable to play sports or workout. Other than causing discomfort, the excessive breast movement including bouncing makes it an unpleasant sight. A sports bra that fits properly keeps the busts in place.

Another cool benefit of wearing them is they work hard to reduce breast pain. Offering additional security, comfort, and support, they help lessen the overall breast movement, so that women can avoid damaging the breast tissue during sports activities.

Excessive breast movement results in damaging Cooper’s ligaments (breast tissues that help form the shape of your breasts and support them). Premature breast sagging takes place when this happens. Sports bras can help prevent it.

To get the best sports bra, go for the one that offers the right fit and support and comes with the right design!

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Why Wearing Sports Bras Beyond Exercise Is Beneficial

These days, women are expected to be multitaskers. So, a day in the life of every lady is like a full-fledged sports activity that requires constant energy and determination. From running errands to traveling, a regular bra can’t offer the support that is needed. So, it’s crucial to incorporate sports bras into everyday life as well.

What Happens When You Wear Them?

    • Your upper body chest movement is reduced and your breasts receive extra support.
    • No painful impact in the back caused by activities like stretching, bending, and walking.
    • It offers more self-assurance, making you feel at ease during everyday routines.
    • Wearing one regularly can improve your posture, keeping your spine and shoulders in the right place.
    • They improve your overall health.

Other Reasons For Getting Hold Of One?

    • They promise you the ultimate comfort, make you feel heard as a woman.
    • They blend well with your lifestyle.
    • You can show off designs that are meant to be shown.
    • They are pretty easy to wash.

It’s not just the millennials who have been showing their love for these bras but even the Gen Z individuals. They have also been paying attention to sports bras!

Celebs have been sporting these bras with ease even on the Red Carpet. Have you noticed? From Rihanna to Bella Hadid to Serena Williams to Jennifer Lawrence, and more, they have been killing in the sports bras!

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Sports Bras In The World Of Sports

In a survey, 51% of female athletes talked about experiencing breast pain and 29% complained that poorly fitted bras affected their performance. Now sports bras are a critical part of female athletes’ clothing. A female athlete in her sports bra is an image of power and skills. Football forward Chloe Kelly was an inspiration to many when she celebrated the Lionesses’ Euro win by twirling her jersey and showing off her white sports bra.

Though you won’t see a female tennis star directly sporting a sports bra on the court, they wear them underneath their tees for extra support and to enhance their overall performance.

Wearing Sports Bras As A Top?

Who says that you can’t wear a sports bra as a top? Of course, you can! It’s not meant to be worn inside a tee, tank, or jacket always! In fact, the ‘’sports bra as a top’’ trend has taken the fashion world by storm. Many ladies are comfortable with wearing lingerie as top wear (including both celebs and fashion lovers).

Follow These Useful Tips To Pull It Off (Without Looking Like You Are Wearing Underwear):

Choose the right sports bra. In other words, go for the one that is made from a top-quality, sweat-wicking material. Sports bras with sweat patches won’t give you a very appealing look.

Pair your sports bra with high-waisted shorts or leggings for a casual appearance. And, if you want a full-on athletic look, style it with joggers or track pants.

Feeling hesitant or unsure about wearing it as a top? You can always layer with a mesh tee. The extra layer of coverage will put your mind at ease without destroying the feel altogether.

Accessories can make or break a look. Rely on a baseball cap and a pair of stylish sunglasses for a casual look and add a pair of fashionable earrings or a statement necklace for a dressy look.

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Prints are gelling well with sports bra and you can amp up your look with printed sports bra and solid hued bottoms of your choice.

When wearing a sports bra as a top, the most important thing is confidence. To show off your midriff, you need to be comfortable in your skin.

How To Create A High-fashion Outfit With A Sports Bra

  1. Throw on a black sports bra with a white blazer. It will give you a sporty business professional look. For bottoms, you can choose between wide-legged jeans and high-waisted jeans. If you want to add a bit of flair, go for light-washed jeans that you can cuff at the end. To accessorize the look, you can carry a metallic embellished clutch or a shoulder chain bag. Before heading out of the door, all you need to do is add a pair of aviators to the mix.
  2. Wear a matching suit set for the ultimate cool woman appearance. This would include a sports bra, blazer, and pants or a sports bra, blazer, and skirt (you can choose the combo based on your personal preference). Throw on a bright-colored blazer in the shade of green, blue, or a vibrant pattern. A sports bra in a neutral color underneath will go with it perfectly. For the finishing touch, throw on pearl-studded earrings.
  3. Wear your sports bra in green, yellow, or orange with an oversized blazer for a more artistic look. You can throw on your boyfriend’s blazer. To complete the look, add flare-legged trousers and heels. For an effortless date appearance, you can wear a small, light necklace. To enhance perfect smoky eyes with black liner and kohl, blend a brown-orange shadow that can be matte or shimmery.
  4. For a trendy daytime athleisure look, you can combine your sports bra with biker shorts in any color. To color block, consider wearing a lime green sports bra, black biker shorts, and a white blazer. As for accessories, a simple leather watch will do. Throw on some pale pink shadow with a winged liner and matching lip shade.

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This Year’s Sports Bra Trends

Last year, diamond sports bras, mesh designs, metallic colors/patterns, and crocodile prints have been attracting people the most, and this year, what you can expect are the following trends:

    • You will witness sports bras with laser punching or delicate holes through geometric shapes. It will add to the overall appeal of the sports bra.
    • An innovative fashion, a single-shoulder with an extra thin shoulder strap as a decoration will be more popular. Asymmetrical shoulder straps are predicted to be bought in larger numbers.
    • Eye-catching multi-strap designs will not only add to the beauty of the bras but will strengthen the support and stability offered by them.
    • Mind-boggling, unique ‘letter webbing’ designs in bold hues will be witnessed everywhere, be it in the gym or on the streets.
    • Sports bras with adjustable pleating or custom pleats will be seen.
      As sports bras continue to evolve and people continue to experiment with fitness fashion, it’s not the end here. You are bound to see more in the coming years!
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