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Men Need to Dress It Right While Hitting the Gym!


Once upon a time, there was an age old myth that only women need to dress appropriately when hitting the gym. But gone are those days! It is equally important for men to clothe suitably, if they want to get some attention from the ladies around. It might be quite debatable, but there are two things which you have to keep in your mind. One, we are focusing only on the gym clothes. So get your heads cleared! Two, it really doesn’t hurt to dress well even in the gym! Now saying that, let us focus on the topic. Here is a list of recommended sports clothes for men that will give you a great edge over the others.


To begin with, ditch the spandex for heaven’s sake! Let the ladies do all the showing in the skin tight garments. We prefer you wearing simple worn out tees, because they are so cute. Sleeves look good for they help accentuate the muscles you have been working hard for. The hues you select must be picked very carefully. T-shirts in lighter shades always look classy. Since you are going for a workout session, if you want you can skip any textures and prints, keeping the appearance simple. With a number of online stores having assembled athletic clothing for men, you will be spoiled for choice.


The key to looking good in shorts is about choosing happy mediums. They should neither be short nor too long. It is the knee length shorts that the ladies really prefer. Also, mind the fit for too tight or too baggy might not be very desirable. Apart from not looking good, you may feel uncomfortable when lifting weights or simply when going for a run. Mesh shorts look effortless and stylish that can make the ladies skip a heartbeat. Jogging clothes for men are available with reputed vendors online at affordable prices. Opt for benign colours like black, navy or beige. A request to all the men, keep your printed shorts for a visit to the beach. Quit wearing it to the gym for it does not do any good to your look. This piece of clothing when worn correctly cannot go wrong.

Gym Clothing Men


It is a well-known fact that the footwear you pick for gym should be comfortable. It is of pivotal importance that you wear shoes that offer high traction preventing you from accidental falls and slips. The inner fabric should act like a cushion that will ensure to keep your feet at ease even when the session gets tough. For the gym shoes, it is a commendation to pick funky colours. Black can provide a fine backdrop to other shades that may include bright neon. Metallic shoes are also a great pick for they give a bling to the look while being in style at this moment.


Accessories include everything from socks to the headphones that you use. Wear ankle length socks that match the colour of your shoes. Nothing fancy can work, do stick to the primary shades that are also easy to maintain. The headphones may act like a motivator by letting you listen to all your favourite tracks, so make sure that they are small and easy to use as you don’t want them to be obstructing. Avoid wearing any kind of metallic embellishments for they can be hindering.

If you really want to make a mark on the ladies, then follow the aforesaid instructions carefully as they will give you the required charm and appeal. Cheap gym clothes for men can be bought online with renowned retailers having designed them keeping in mind your comfort and satisfying the fashion maniac inside you.

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