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Easter Fitness Clothes For Your Fun Activities

Wholesale Easter Kids Activewear

With Easter marking the resurrection of Jesus, it’s celebrated with fun and joy by many. While traditionally people visit churches, deck up the house, and bake hot cross buns, kids love to participate in the popular Easter egg hunts.

While this day brings loads of thrilling activities for kids other than the already-mentioned conventional game, it’s the day of feasts, gatherings, and rest time for adults. However, if you happen to be an absolute fitness freak and during the Easter holidays, you wish to keep your fitness intact, a fun-filled power-packed training session is waiting for you which will help you engage in some exercise without visiting the gym. To make it super fun, you can also include kids and other family members in them.

Wholesale Easter Kids Fitness Wear

Easter-themed Fun Fitness Activities With Family

Discussed below are some exciting Easter special fitness activities that can help you stay fit and healthy even during the holidays:

  • By going with an Easter-themed boot camp in your backyard, you can add a little more color to your daily workouts. Opt for exciting exercises like rolling eggs, bunny burpees, and hare runs. Each exercise would need to be performed for 10 to 15 minutes and the winner will get an edible Easter basket as a delicious trophy! You will look very Easter-ish as you perform in gym pants with egg motifs and a cute fitness bunny tank top.
  • To unleash your inner child this Easter, gather all family members and get ready to hop around together in your backyard wearing bunny ears while scattering the Easter eggs. As long as your bunny ears are in position, continue with the intense regime. The moment they fall off your head, stop to celebrate your victory. If, by chance, they are so tight that they don’t move an inch, keep hopping until you don’t have eggs anymore. Bonus, you will get a super cute appearance if you wear a full-sleeve, lightweight lamb active t-shirt and matching workout shorts.
  • A famous Easter game that kids enjoy the most is smashing eggs. Put raw eggs every 6 inches apart in your running track in or around your home to make things more fun. Next, jog around the track at least 6 times in your Easter-special lovely yet functional fitness top and flared pants, stopping only when you finish the last round. You can also ask kids to count the number of smashed eggs. Go for an extra round for each smashed egg.
  • In an Easter-themed running t-shirt and pair of shorts, you can have a good run this Easter. You can, in fact, turn running into a fun game. Wondering how? Don’t run alone but involve others in it. Make two groups consisting of adult and young members of the family. Let the kids start the game by holding a spoon in their teeth with a hard-boiled egg in it. They need to run from point X to Z. They would have to pass it to an adult member if the egg doesn’t drop who would again need to carry it the same way from point Z to X. The team that doesn’t drop the egg and finishes the game without failing will be the winner.
  • Do you know that rolling eggs can help you burn calories? Yes! Try rolling them with your nose! As per the original game, one needs to roll the boiled eggs between the start and the finish mark but you can add a bit of uniqueness to it by customizing it into an adult version. How? As stated before, the players need to roll the eggs with their noses. Things become even more fun when all of you are in the same Easter-themed workout sets.
  • Next, to relax and stretch the muscles, you can use the Easter-special yoga poses. Yoga is usually not enjoyed by kids much since it involves sitting or standing in one place and focusing on the asanas. However, even kids would love your Easter-inspired yoga poses. Just start with a few minutes of deep breathing and then move on to poses such as chick pose, egg pose, and bunny pose. Wondering what these are? Never heard of it? Well, you can say that a chick pose is basically a version of the camel pose where the chest is lifted and the arms are stretched forward like a chick hatching from an egg. The egg pose is a seated forward bend where the body would be curled up into a ball like an egg. And, finally, the bunny pose is a pose where the arms are stretched forward like the ears of the bunny. Do try them in springy, Easter-ish pastel-hued yoga clothing.

Wholesale Easter Kids Gym Wear

Solo Hardcore Easter-special Exercises

In case you are going for a solo hardcore fitness routine, here is the list of Easter-special exercises to check out:

  • Do some warm-up first and prepare yourself for all the Easter egg baskets you will be carrying later with the kettlebell swings designed to promote full-body strength and good posture. If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use a heavy rucksack. To do it, stand straight with your legs stretched wide. Next, hold the kettlebell in front of your body with your both arms and hands straight down. To swing the kettlebell back through your legs, bend your knees slightly and hinge at your hips. To stand straight, use the momentum and swing the kettlebell in front of your body up to shoulder height. Squeeze your core and glutes as you swing forward and stand up straight. Finally, let the kettlebell swing back down through your legs.
  • It’s time to turn into the Easter bunny and practice your hopping skills. The lateral side jumps will help here as they will challenge your balance and coordination. To do this, place a backpack or a weighted bag on the ground and stand next to it. Without turning your body much, jump sideways over the bag, landing on both feet together on the other side of the bag. As you make the jumps, to give yourself momentum, try swinging your arms.
  • Turn into a kicking bunny this Easter! To tighten and tone your glutes and core, go for rabbit kicks aka donkey kicks. Start on the floor with your hands directly under your shoulders and knees under your hips. To keep the back of the neck flat, ensure your chin is tucked slightly and your core is engaged. To lift your right leg up and behind your back towards the ceiling, use your glutes. Keep your back neutral and your hips level and squared to the ground. Repeat.

Easter Kids Sports Wear Wholesaler

Renowned workout clothing manufacturers bring such Easter-themed pieces that are not only pretty but practical, comfortable, and durable as well. Visiting the nearby stores, you will be spoiled with choices.

Last but not least, to stay on track with your fitness goals, mentioned below are some healthy Easter tips that will ensure that your weight remains in check while you indulge in the festivities:

    • You might not be able to resist having what is served at lunch and dinner but you can definitely control what you eat in the breakfast. To load up on nutrients, you can go for a healthy, easy-to-make, and versatile smoothie.
    • Eggs are not just for decoration but for eating as well on Easter. Boiled or poached eggs, both are great options.
    • Before you just dive straight into the fun activities, follow the footsteps of the Easter bunny and munch on a plate full of salad.
    • Of course, you can have all that is served. Just remember to have veggies in plenty, have fewer carbs, and the portion should be a fist-size serving.
    • You can have the Easter chocolates as you will be engaging in plenty of exercise later. If it’s dark chocolates, it’s better as research says it helps in weight loss.

Wholesale Easter Workout Sports Wear

By following all the points mentioned in this blog, you can have a great time with your family this Easter without compromising on fitness!

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