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Ways To Stay Committed While Training

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We are going to look at ways an athlete can stay committed to their training routine. A doctor named Patrick Cohn lists three ways an athlete can sabotage his commitment, and how they can recognize them and eventually overcome them. He says that the biggest challenge when working with any athlete is helping them stay committed to physical and mental training.

Plateauing performances may occur from time to time when you put effort while working out, but it bears no visible fruits. Many athletes will complain that they are practicing harder than before, but they see no results afterward. It becomes relatively challenging to focus on your routine when there are no signs to show in terms of performance.

What’s a commitment in sporting terms?

We need to understand what commitment is to comprehend this issue first. What does it mean to commit oneself? Commitments are just like motivation. A person can maintain a method, program, or philosophy daily over an extended period in time no matter the adversities you may face. For example, if you commit yourself to run every day from 5 am to 6 am along a track, you will always have to stick to that even on chilly mornings. Considering the example of a morning run, you can alternatively stay in bed where it’s warm and not meet your goal or get out there and do your best to accomplish what you desire.

The first step is to identify distractions or beliefs that kill your motivation. Once you know this, you are at an advantage point as you can improve your attitude towards a task.

Below are three ways by Assignment Geek an athlete can sabotage their commitment towards a goal:

1. Impatience with improvement

Most athletes often want results here and now, a form of a quick fix. If a routine doesn’t seem to bear fruits anytime soon, they may discard it and never look back. Some factors contribute to improvement from an individual exercise or routine. For example, if you want to have muscular biceps, there are some things you need to consider. It will also require your time, proper workout clothes, diet planning, physical training, among others, to get the physique you desire. In instances like running a race, there are some limits your body cannot go past.

2. Fear of failure

Do you fear that you may pursue your dream and not achieve it? There isn’t any guarantee that you will improve your game if you are putting all your efforts and working hard. However, some athletes can’t accommodate this fact and may altogether choose to forego the whole process. There are obstacles along the course of your journey, and fear is one of them. Do not let imaginary failure get inside your head, but instead, you should go for it. Give it your all, and if you fail, then at least you tried. That should be your motivation.

3. Over-training Syndrome

Too much training may cause you to go around in circles due to mental and physical exhaustion. You will burn out from this type of routine! You need to take a break sometime after a workout period or your exercise routine. Rest is good for rejuvenating your body and your mind as well. In case you are wondering, it is very much possible to over-work your body, but it does not mean you will gain from it.


You need to identify the factors that hold you back from concentrating and committing to your training and goals. After that, you can work on those issues to ensure you increase productivity from your training and boosting your performance.

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