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Steve Kamb

Born in Sandwich Massachusetts, Steve Kamb is a fitness instructor, publisher and writer of several books on health and fitness. Having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University, Kamb started working in the marketing department for the company Sixthman. While working there he also wrote for the company. As much as 697 articles have been written by him. In 2010, he officially quit his job and focused all his energy to build his own company called Nerd Fitness. He has also featured as a guest speaker for Health@Google and Gizmodo. He has published three e-books, each focusing on Paleolithic diet. In 2015, he started Nerd Fitness Yoga, which aimed at providing guide to the beginners. His first published book Level Up Your Life hit the markets in 2016. Kamb in many of speeches have indicated that gym clothes are fairly necessary to enhance the performance. t-shirts and sweatpants are his favorite workout clothes.