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Why You Need Different Types Of Jackets And It Is Not A Sham!

Reported by Martin and Posted on 2018-10-28 17:09:48

If you are living in the 21st century and even thinking of working out, then chances are that you will constantly be bombarded by the latest additions to fitness wear tech. From running jackets to trekking jackets, rain jackets, running leggings, shoes, hiking shoes, and so many others - the options are far too many and most people do not know what sense to make of it.

However, these variations are as real as they claim to be. In case you do want to listen to the voice of reason - here we are. Jacket variations are very important and in this blog we will tell you why you need each type of athletic jackets wholesale according to the kind of life you have. Let’s take a look -

1. Wholesale Running Jackets

Some people think that running jackets are just regular gym jackets and there is no identifiable or functional difference to justify buying both. However, that is far from the truth. Wholesale running jackets are generally made from a blend of polyester and spandex, giving it a unibody fit and allowing all kinds of movements on the track.

If this was not enough, running jackets are added with UV protection and better ventilation, because people are likely to be outdoors and sweat a lot wearing them. In most cases today, these jackets also come with a thumb hole - and that makes it easier for it to reduce any air drag during the run. Still think it is not worth it?

2. Rain Jackets

Rain jackets are a complete different breed made by the same gym outerwear manufacturers that make your other fitness apparel. It might seem like the same, but truly it is not. The solo rain jacks are made from a thin layer of 100 percent water proof polyester fabric and have many zippers that leech locked with water tight zippers.

This makes it easier for your valuables to be safe during heavy downpour. However windcheater jackets are also made adept to the wind and an inner layer of polyester is added with foam coating in the middle. There is also a mesh inside that ensures that the jacket does not start sticking to the skin!

3. Gym Jackets

To bulk fitness wear manufacturers, gym jackets are probably the most popular - simply because people buy it more often. These jackets are also made with polyester, have a snug or comfortable fit and end before the sleeves because gym gloves. There is ventilation options, bright colors, and a almost no pockets in most cases. Gym jackets are made to be able to conserve body sweat and help sweating out easier in temperature cooled workout stations.

These are the 3 jackets and why each of them is very different from the other and cannot do each other’s work. Now that you know all of it, get the ones that you need - what are you still waiting for?


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