8 Questions To Ask Before Buying Activewear

By: gymclothes.com

When making the splurge for a new set of gym clothes that will be a motivation for a healthier lifestyle, the search for the perfect ones can be daunting. So, in this quick read, we list for you the eight essential questions you need to ask yourself when buying the best workout clothes for your workout regime.


Why do your gym wear need to be moisture-wicking?

Sweat and exercise go hand in hand. If the fabric allows sweat to pool on the skin, you are likely to slow down. So, you need a set of gym clothes that can pull moisture away from your skin i.e. they have to be moisture-wicking.


Why do your gym wear need to be premium quality?

Premium-quality fabrics are breathable and gentle on your skin. Such premium quality breathable fabrics eliminate the problem of bad odor too. They allow proper ventilation and prevent the body from getting too hot during an intense workout session.


Why do your activewear need to be durable?

It is a known fact that your gym clothes will need washing every day. So those made with durable fabrics will last longer and hence will be cost-effective too.

Should you choose cotton for your fitness wear?

Cotton is a great choice for a light training session because they are extremely breathable and gentle on your skin. They are also cheaper and easily available. However, for an intense session, they may not be an ideal choice. They lose shape very easily and are soaking wet by the middle of the workout, which makes them very uncomfortable to be in. They also do not last long.


Why women should invest in supportive workout bras when buying workout clothes?

Supportive workout bras are essential for women during high-intensity sessions as they provide optimum coverage while ensuring maximum support and flexibility. This is essential to prevent women from feeling awkward and uncomfortable during high-intensity workouts!


Why do you need to buy workout clothes that fit you right?

A gym clothing set that is too tight will leave you feeling uncomfortable. While something too loose will make you fidget and hamper your focus. Losing focus or being uncomfortable can dampen your performance or worse, cause accidents because you were busy adjusting your gym clothes.


Why choose activewear that allow flexibility?

If your gym clothes do not allow you to perform the full range of motions, why invest in them? Choose gym clothes that are super stretchable and allow maximum mobility. They should be designed to allow a full range of motions, while still holding their shape. 

Do your gym clothes need to be comfortable?

This one’s a no-brainer! However, it is the most important. Make sure you invest in a comfortable set of gym wear. Try them, move around, flex. Then decide if you want to buy them.